Horrible customer service
Enthusiast - Level 1

I got a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus warranted to me from Verizon in March of 2019. I just payed it off this year of 2020. Upon taking it to a different phone carrier in May of 2020 it was discovered that the refurbished iphone Verizon warranted me was later reported lost or stolen. I have been givin the run around from Verizon for a month now and I have spoken to at least 20 people about 3 hour average phone time involving Metro Pc, Apple, mobile com, and now sprint. Verizon has blamed metro and sprint for “accidentally” putting my phone on this black list. Neither companies can take my phone off this list. I have proof of purchase history through Verizon proving this is my phone and I’m the one and only owner and I have never reported it lost or stolen. Today at 10:40 am cst I spent over 3 hours on the phone with  Verizon’s warranty line, they’ve acknowledged the fact that they refurbished phone they sent me was lost or stolen in 11/26/19 8 months after I received, Verizon is uncooperative in resolving the issue, they want to only give me a $200 credit on my account and are only willing to replace the phone if I pay $180 to the insurance company or giving me a new iPhone but only if I stay with them for a “forced” year contract. I have had my account notes every single time I’ve spoken to them. 

CORPORATE !!! if this gets to you I really would ask for your company to show some integrity and resolve this issue! And please take responsibility for you product! Thanks