Horrible customer service
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We took advantage of the promotion right before Christmas- trade in your phone for a $800 credit. From what I can tell many other people are having trouble with the same promotion. I have had two hour chat sessions three phone sessions where I had to wait 50 minutes before I could speak to someone and still cannot get them to understand the problem they keep saying just wait for the next bill.    Two of my phones were processed correctly. They were given the $800 credit two of the phones the buy one get one free promotion were applied and the fifth phone seems to be missing. The four iPhones were mailed in together for some reason the sales person at the Verizon store insisted in taking the Samsung and they would mail it in. Seems very strange that now it is missing. Also when I look at the trade-in details the phones are not given the full $800 credit.    The people at the store are clueless. They cannot help you with any billing issues and they do not even complete the sales process very well. I was not even told about a activation fee of $35 for each line but that’s another story.  Why is it I can look at my bill and see exactly what’s wrong but the customer service reps are so confused and all they come up with is wait till the next bill. That is completely unacceptable and incompetent!!  

Re: Horrible customer service
Customer Service Rep

As a valued customer, your account concerns are our concerns too. We certainly want you to be able to take advantage of our promotional offers, which include our Device Trade-In promotion. We thank you for  providing such detailed information and we'd like to help.


We've noted your reference about concerns regarding your account and we'd like to help (e.g., not receiving the device trade-in amount that you expected, incurring the one-time Device Upgrade Fee, shipping the traded in devices to our warehouse (one device per device trade-in kit).


Since we will need account-specific details from you, we’ve sent you  a Private Message on this topic:




-Robert C.