Horrible experience getting a refund!
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I bought a new phone online on Dec 2, 2021 for in store pickup on and paid $46.09 upgrade fee and taxes with Paypal/ credit card.  When I went to the verizon store to pick up the phone, the order had been cancelled by Verizon because I didnt pick up in 3 days.  (None of the paperwork I printed said anything about 3 days)

I am still waiting for a refund, almost 5 months later.  I and my husband have called customer service, done live chats and gone into the store.  Supposedly I'm getting $35 credited on my next bill, but not a refund of the taxes and other fees.  I feel like Verizon stole my money!  

Why has this been so difficult?  I'm calling my credit card company tomorrow to try to recover my money.  

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Re: Horrible experience getting a refund!
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Hello there! We're sorry about the situation. We'd love to help you resolve this situation. Please reply to our private note to get started.