Horrible experience
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LONG STORY. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. This is situation has me livid.


I switched to Verizon from my cell service of 5 years in hopes to receive better all around service (customer service, phone service). On October 3rd, I placed an order for an iPhone to be shipped to me with new service. The phone was eligible for 2 day shipping & would have arrived to me by Wednesday October 6th. October 6th rolls around and when I track the order, it still stated “Processing.” I reached out to customer service, and about an hour after being on hold with a million transfers, I was told that the phone is on back order. That’s funny, because originally I wanted an iPhone 12 but it was on back order til the end of the month. I needed a phone ASAP which is specifically why I went with a phone that wasn’t on back order!! Now you’re telling me it is? And when I go on the Verizon website to view the phone, it says nowhere about being on back order.


Fast forward, I’m transferred (again) to a very nice young man who I thought helped me. I explained to him the situation and he told me how I’ve been misinformed. The phone is NOT on back order (great I’ve been lied to). But instead, they were having some issues with order processing, and my order has been “stuck in limbo.” That’s fine, honest technical issues. The associate told me he could cancel the order for me, I’d get a refund within several business days, and he could place the order for me again over the phone. I’m totally fine with this. I was very happy. He even gave me free next day shipping for my inconvenience. I finally got my phone and began enjoying my new service. Fast forward to 2 weeks later. It’s October 15th, I am on vacation. I get a random email from Verizon saying here’s my shipping information. I shrug it off because I am on vacation and I’m supposed to be done with this situation. Once I returned home on the 21st I began to get back on track of my normal routine. I am very precise with my money. I see that it has been 2 weeks since I canceled the original order, but I still haven’t received my refund. I contact customer service again to address this, and discover that the original order was never actually cancelled (hence, the random Verizon email with shipping information). So even tho I already received my new phone, Verizon sent a second one for some reason. The associate said I should have received it. I told the associate that I have not ordered nor signed for anything, I have been on vacation, I take no responsibility for your mistakes Verizon. The associate then tells me they’ve tracked this second device and it’s been returned to their warehouse. GREAT. She then says I should see the refund as a bill credit with a few days. Only option. EXCUSE ME? A BILL CREDIT? Verizon—you had no problem with charging my card, but for some reason, you can’t return it to my card?!?! MAKE IT MAKE SENSE. YOU HAVE CHARGED ME FOR 2 PHONES WHILE I ONLY HAVE ONE. I DO NOT WANT A BILL CREDIT. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I am so disappointed. WHY did I switch to Verizon???? WHY did I sign that 24 month phone lease???


My question for YOU Verizon is do you treat all your customers like this? Or only the new ones???? UGH!