Horrible service on our cell phones

Our cell service at home has become horrible to the point we can't make or receive calls without dropping  immediately.   We have reset our networks on our phones (Samsung Galaxy 23 and iphone 11).  We even have a Verizon Network Extender.  We are beyond frustrated that we can't use our phones in or outside of our home.  We have to leave our neighborhood to make a call.  Any suggestions to fix this constant issue?  Our neighbors have had the same issues.

Re: Horrible service on our cell phones
Customer Service Rep

We're so sorry to hear about the service issues you've been experiencing, and definitely understand the need for reliable service, Frustrated9111. We would love to help take a closer look. Please tell us, what is your zip code and nearest cross street? What signal do you see on your devices when you experience these issues? When did this first start happening?