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Beyond frustrating!! My line was suspended because I put my Sim into a different phone tgat I purchased from a individual.  This is the second Sim card that the phone has done that way.  After the first time, I asked why and if anything was wrong with the phone and NO ONE would tell me. All I got was call customer service. Well customer service never answers! So this morning, I called Verizon 5 different times because after being put on hold forever I would just end up getting hung up on.  I got transferred from customer support, technical support, and the fraud department.  Nobody could do anything and then the call would be disconnected.  I was on hold for over an hour only to get hung up on!! Seriously!! As much as Verizon charges for service they should care more about their customers!! I use Verizon because it use to have better coverage for my area, well that has not even been the case lately.  And I can get service thru a different company on the same tower for a cheaper price which is what I think I am about to do. So sick of this garbage! Finally after 5 calls and 2 hours 38 minutes later, my phone is finally working.  Customer service is a joke!! Step up Verizon because when it comes to taking payment there is never a issue on your end!!

Re: Horrible!!
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Hello tsims0411,


We always want the best experience for all of our customers. We are saddened to hear about your interaction with us today. Putting your SIM card in to a device that has been suspended for lost/stolen or for an account that has gone delinquent could cause your SIM card to be suspended as a fraud prevention measure. We would recommend contacting us prior to inserting your SIM card in to a phone you purchase off an individual so we can check the device ID to see if the phone has been locked in any way. Please let us know if you should have any other questions we can help you with.