Hot Spot Return
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Ordered a hotspot from Verizon, used it for two weeks and returned prior to 30-day return policy.  Two months later I get a $240 bill. Talked to the call center who could barely speak English and she couldn't do anything so her 'supervisor' reduced the bill to $197. Paid that just to be done with this, then I get a bill for $167 the next month and they said 'you didn't call and cancel service.' Wouldn't reverse the charges and wouldn't give me contact information for someone who can do it. How many people are they doing this too?  The equipment was scanned in at the Dallas location and got a confirmation email.  Why would anyone return equipment and continue to pay a bill.  This is an internal Verizon problem and a complete waste of time trying to resolve.

Re: Hot Spot Return
Customer Service Rep

I am sorry to hear about your experience with the returned equipment. Please contact us through Facebook/Twitter @VZWSupport so that we can further assist and look into this for you.