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So I've received a couple text messages saying my next bill "may be higher" over the last couple days. I've then checked my account from my phone to see my data use is still under the limit everytime. Tonight at work my phone wont call or text. I try chatting online with a CS and get a message that my phone is in collections status! Odd since I'm up to date with my bilI. I log in again on a computer and get a headline of "you may have $615 in overages"! What? How? I never received a warning text and everytime I checked my account from my phone it said I was still under for data. I admit I may have SOME overages but not to this amount by the end of my cycle (which was last night). Apparently, the only dept open is financial services who could do nothing. The rep just said your service is "hotlined". He said it like I was supposed to know what that meant. After a couple reps I got a number to call who doesn't open until 8am. So much for 24/7 customer service. I only received those generic messages and 1 voicemail that basically said the same thing "your next bill maybe higher". I was beginning to think it was a scam. I don't understand why they would "hotline" my phone when I'm current with my bill. Especially since I have unlimited talk/text. Shut down my data because something seems wrong...I get that but to just shut off my service completely. That seems ridiculous. My account also says "You have 0% data remaining" and just under that "500 GB remaining with 29 days left". That's interesting since I've never carried that high of a plan. Has anyone encountered this type of situation?

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