How can I activate an old sim card but switch my phone number to it?

I just bought a new unlocked phone that doesn't come with a sim card. It is compatible with Verizon's network. I was planning on just putting the sim card from my current phone into the new one, but I just realized that my current phone has a micro sim card while my new phone requires a nano sim card.

I got an old nano sim card from an old phone that belonged to my sister and used to be activated with her phone number. My sister's phone number and my phone number are on the same Verizon account. If I put my sister's old sim card in my new phone, how can I switch my phone number to that sim card?

The end result I'm looking for is for my new phone to be activated with my phone number on the old sim card, my current phone to not be tied to a phone number, and my sister's current phone and phone number to be unaffected.

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Re: How can I activate an old sim card but switch my phone number to it?
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You can do this online, or with a CS rep on the phone.  You 'll need to give them the number from the SIM card so it can be linked to your line instead of your sister's.  Your current phone will need to be pwered off, and it would be best to remove the SIM from the phone before attempting to activate the new phone.

Good luck!