How can I get billing problem fixed?

I am charged for a connection that was not active on my account and for breaking the contract for a device I didn’t receive at all. Its been 4 months I started calling the customer service. Every time I call they give me a ticket number and say that issue is taken care of and that money will be refunded in 10 days. So far 4 tickets raised and spoke to 5 customer care executives and spoke to 3 floor managers who all promised me that issue is taken care of. First of all its a mistake if Verizon to bill me for a device I didn’t receive. For their mistake they make customer to call hundred times. I am ashamed of shifting to Verizon . I was a happy customer of T mobile. Since my friends suggested verizon has good service I shifted here recently. And now I regret a lot for taking such decision.

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, G3vivhaan, I'm disappointed to hear that you've had to reach out multiple times regarding the same billing concern, we certainly don't want you to regret making the switch to Verizon. So we can best assist with your bill charges, we will be reaching out via Private Message.