How do I file a complaint about Wireless Zone retailer?


The Exton, PA Wireless Zone "fake" Verizon store made changes to my account without my permission. My son was supposed to go to the Verizon Corporate store but went to Wireless Zone by mistake.  All he was trying to do was switch service from his broken phone to his spare phone but was conned into a new phone.  Somehow all without my authorization and I'm the only person on the account. The worst part is that my plan was changed, and my hotspot was removed.  Found this out while trying to work off my hotspot and couldn't.  I was told sorry for the inconvenience.  Not an inconvenience, I couldn't do my job today.  This is being reported to Verizon Corporate, the Attorney General, the BBB and the FCC.   I need my plan and bill back the way it was.  Wireless Zone should not be permitted to represent Verizon as most people don't know the difference and they are giving Verizon a terrible reputation.

Re: How do I file a complaint about Wireless Zone retailer?
Customer Service Rep

Hello rob1234567. We're terribly sorry for any issues you have encountered with your account. We will be sending you a private message to further assist.