How do I get a hold of billing?

All I want is to be able to make a phone call, and send text with my phone.  I have been talking with Verizon Representatives for over 4hrs and still phone service is locked out. 

The story of my DAY with Verizon! 

today 3/4/2020 my phone got shut off 1pm. I talk with

1)mellisa, -said she didn't want to help me -transfer
2)alysa- tried to help me look up tracking code UPS then transfer me to
3)marasine - said she is financial depart all she does is collect money cant help me. transfer
4)Tara- was very positive and said she could help. but then hung up on me after being on the phone over an hour. saying the only i option i had was to pay $600

I was online talking with:
5)Spencer online - he was trying to help best he could. told me that my phone was shut off by billing because of money$$ due.
said he could activate my mom phone for 24hr until we figure this out. 

6)called in to Paullo- said he would help me. did research like everyone else. then said he would put in a ticket request. phone should be on because charges bill will be put on hold till the 18th march. I put him on a bit of hold he hung around to help me out. said i should be ok to use my phone.

restart phone and no service.

3rd call of the day since my phone still isn't working 4hr later.

7)Benjamin- financial - said he needed to transfer me and would remain on the line. He didn't 
8)Dave - customer account care authorization.
told him entire story AGAIN. he gave me ticket #41xxxxx then said he refreshed everything on their end and i need to turn off phone for 2 min and restart everything should be working. Also they need 7-10 days and will be contacting me by email to discuss dispute of charges on the account.

Reset phone still not working.

9)called back in again, ask Sara financial to transfer me to customer service this time hold was much longer...
10)Jessica- customer care- She didn't make me tell the whole story, she looked at my account profile to figure out everything that is going on. Said phone should be good, she called me on a different line and phone was working. She ask me to call my mom to make sure it was working. I did talk with her but that is the other line on the account. I tried to call a friends sprint number and phone call did not go through. also text still not working..... 

5hr later I should have paid the money, Now I have to explain to my boss I didn't get any work done this afternoon, due to telling my name to TEN verizon people today who 9/10 wanted to help me out best they could. They all told me billing is what shut off my phone but no one offered to transfer me to that department. Financial department only collects money, and they transfer me to customer service. This loop of phone call is not solving the issues and also wasting time resources. 

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Customer Service Rep



I definitely apologize for the time it took to get help with your concerns today. We always want to find a solution for you quickly so you don't have to worry about your phone being off. I'd be lost without my phone. It is especially concerning to hear that at this point you can call some people but not others because our system doesn't treat a call to someone on Sprint differently than a call to someone else on your account. I'd like to look into this further. I've sent you a DM. Please reply when you can so we can get more details needed to help.