How do I resolve a bad reception in my house?
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My wireless signal at [Removed] Silver Spring MD 20905 has gradually gotten worse and worse. It is to the point that some time I can even receive a phone call. This is true not only for my cellphones, but also for anyone who visits us. This has been like this since we moved in in late August 2015. I was recently told that Verizon could afford us a signal booster. I will really appreciate one since we are definitely not getting our money's worth.

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First, don't post your address on a public forum.

Second, Verizon will SELL you a signal booster. They cost $250 and require you that high speed internet access in your home as they network extenders take your home internet combined with GPS and create a mini cell tower in your home.

Third, if you have high speed internet and you have WiFi Calling capable smartphones, skip the network extender. Turn on the WiFi calling setting in your phones and connect to your WiFi and you will have connectivity inside your home.

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I have the same problem and am getting very frustrated.  every time I call they try to tell me its my phone but it happens to everyone who has verizon.  If I make a call and hang up and try to make another call it won't go through.  same with text messages.  I have to go outside of my home to get it to go through.  It is not the phone, it is verizon service.  I am thinking of switching to t-mobile.

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