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I'm actually appalled by the behavior of 9/10 different Verizon representatives I had to deal with for a simple phone migration. I've been with Verizon for 15 years and really haven't ever had any issue they weren't willing to KINDLY and caringly tend to, even when I was speaking with osl yesterday before the nonsense that followed happened, I was telling him how great Verizon has been and I didn't want to switch to his suggested at&t. Now I'm thinking that's what we will be doing. Between ignorant Verizon personnel getting my husband's number stuck in limbo, them creating orders for a phone after we told them no, which then resulted in longer wait times so that they could track this down and cancel the order and begin a new one, rude customer service and 3 dropped calls during transfers after being on the phone with them for half hour to an hour at a time, just to call back and start all over again. Called to talk to someone today and the best they could do for me is "leave a note in my file". Thanks Verizon. Shows how much they don't care about their customers. Anyone have any good advice on new carriers?

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We appreciate the details of your message. We realize you have been through so much already, and we want to help. Be advised, we're here to assist you anytime. Send us a Private Note. Thank you. *Andrea