How long to evaluate traded devices?
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Traded three devices with Verizon. All three send in one box, each device in a separate envelope. Devices were sent on 11/1 and deliverd 11/3. Two of the devices have been appraised, the first on 11/7 and the second on 11/8. The third has not been marked as received. I spoke with Daniel from customer service on 11/9 and he said that 3 devices were marked as received and that the 3rd device is just in a queue waiting to be processed. Seems unlikely since the status tracker for this device does not even show that it was received. I'm concerned that they have lost my device. How long should I give them before I call back and have them investigate? I have the UPS tracking number showing it was delivered with the weight of the package (weight of 3 phones) and the fact that they told me 3 devices were received.

Re: How long to evaluate traded devices?
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We know that knowing that all device have been received brings you peace of mind. Rest assured, we want to help and provide you that peace. Each device is processed separately, and it can take up to 2 weeks for the device to go through the inspection. Our recommendation is to wait a few days more on that third device. Does this help? ~Gina