How to change the shipping address of an online order
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I have literally spent hours on the phone with multiple Verizon CSRs over the last week to resolve VERIZON'S mistake of shipping my online order to my billing address (where I do not currently live), despite the fact that I selected in-store-pickup during the online transaction. It's clear Verizon does not have a procedure for dealing with the VERY SIMPLE matter of changing a shipping address on an order. Their customer service staff is both clueless and apparently powerless to implement any kind of satisfactory solution in this situation. Honestly, this is one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had with any company in my life. I have now been promised by 2 different agents that the phone would be delivered by 10:30 am on two different dates, and it has still not been delivered. At this point I am beyond <<removed>> and will be switching my cell service provider at the earliest opportunity. This is completely ridiculous.

Verizon should allow the option to redirect a shipment address online (or at least not <<removed>> up an order to begin with).They should at least train csr's literally on ANY procedure for handling this scenario that actually solves the problem for the customer, since it's clear they are currently of incompetent of coming up with any semblance of a solution.

I don't really give  a <<removed>> how nice customer service reps are when they are INEFFECTIVE at solving the actual issue I am calling about. Many of the employees I spoke with were doing the best they could to help me, but  they were basically untrained and unempowered to actually fix the problem. It's not their fault, it's Verizon's fault, and has made me seriously lose confidence in the company's capacity to competitively meet consumer needs. Aka, I'm switching carriers asap.

That said, if anyone has dealt with this issue in the past and has experience to share on how they resolved it, I’m eager to hear it. As of right now, Verizon has still failed monumentally to help me fix THEIR mistake.

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Re: How to change the shipping address of an online order
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How is the mistake Verizon's when you processed the order online by yourself with no help from any Verizon employee? If you wanted to pick up the phone in store, why didn't you just go to the store?

When a phone is order online and shipped, you can't just have it redirected easily. There is a process. Usually once it ships (is picked up by FedEx) it takes less time to wait for the failed delivery and for it to be be returned so you can order again. They must put in a ticket that takes 24-48 hours to be sent through the Verizon system to FedEx. FedEx has to track the package, have it delivered to a hub and then re-reouted.

I'd say it isn't an incompetence on Verizon's part but a limitation of FedEx's policies.

Suggestion: next time just go to the store and buy your phone.

Re: How to change the shipping address of an online order

In my case, I had the help of an online agent and after 20 minutes of back-and forth, the address still was not showing correctly on my confirmation screen (wrong name, incomplete address). The stock response was that it appears correctly on the shipping label, but the customer cannot see the actual shipping label on line. If Verizon wants the customer to Confirm everything else (style of phone, color, new phone number, Verizon policies, etc. why on earth can't they let the customer confirm where their $600 phone is being sent? Absolutely ludicrous.

Re: How to change the shipping address of an online order
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Re: How to change the shipping address of an online order
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We want to ensure that we are doing everything we can to get this order issue fully resolved and to get you your order ASAP.  To clarify, were our reps able to get this shipping address issue resolved together with you?  If not we are here to help resolve it now together.-Sean