How to elevate to a manager?

Hi. I have been struggling with a simple request for a long time with Verizon. I have to disconnect one of my lines. It seems straightforward, but the first time, Verizon disconnected the wrong lines (including my line, leaving me stranded on vacation in a scary situation late at night with no service and no way to reactivate my phone - long and terrifying story). When I went to a store (during my vacation) to fix it, they reinstalled my line plus the line they were supposed to disconnect (instead of just my line). They have twice said they would disconnect the unneeded line since, but have not done so; plus, they seem to have added charges to my original line (the one that should never have been affected at all). Meanwhile, I am traveling out of country later this month with my daughter so I need to add some sort of international coverage while we are abroad, but I am afraid to do so because of the unresolved simple request to disconnect one line, which has resulted in countless hours of wasted email and phone time, not to mention the frustration, travel danger, and extra expenses. Does anyone know how I can talk with someone who can actually add international coverage to two of my lines (and possibly even disconnect the one they were supposed to disconnect months ago) without leaving me stranded in a foreign country with no service? I've tried in person, on the phone, and via chat and have gotten only failures. I'd like to actually deal with someone reliable at this point. Thanks!

Re: How to elevate to a manager?
Customer Service Rep

I am shocked to hear about your experience. This does not sound like us at all. I would love to help in any way I can. Please me in a private message.