How to escalate with Verizon?

I ported 5 phone numbers to Verizon on 9/28. After 3 days on the phone with support for hours each time, we were able to get 2 of the phones activated. I still have 3 lines that are not working on the ported phone numbers and each day I talk to support, they swear that they will work this until it is resolved, but they never do and I have to call back each day to start the process over. I am at 8 days in and still have no resolution. How can we get more traction or actual "ownership" with Verizon. There must be a way to have them look in to the problem or am I missing something?

Re: How to escalate with Verizon?
Customer Service Rep

I am deeply concerned about the time this has taken to get resolved and the experience you have had here with us at Verizon. I will make sure to assist you myself at once; please access the Private Note I will be sending so that we can work on this together immediately.