How to file a complaint? Also...don't choose Verizon unless you want to spend 6 hours working through their mess.

I spent 5 and a half hours on the phone yesterday with Verizon trying to get an issue fixed about my order.

I'd placed an order for a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra on Wednesday morning for next-day delivery. By the next day at 3:00, it still said "processing". It was nearly impossible to reach anyone outside of an automated system, and it kept referring me back to the chat. The chat representatives were very kind and professional; however, they weren't able to help with the issue and most of the numbers they gave me lead to automated systems that dead-ended and referred me back to the chat. Whenever I reached a live person, it was either the wrong department or someone who was unable to help or see all of the information about my order. Even when I reached the correct department, no one could figure out exactly what was wrong and then referred me to another person or department.

About about 2 hours in, a representative finally told me that my payment reflected "not paid". I called my bank, and they said that the payment had been initiated but that Verizon had not yet completed the process. They said that the bank's policy is for them to allow 3 days from the time the order was placed for Verizon to accept the payment, or it would be cancelled.

For the next 3 hours, I went through the tedious process again of trying to talk to an actual person and find the correct departement. I wanted to find a representative who could complete my payment so I would receive my phone in time. Even when I thought I'd reached the correct department based on the chat representatives' suggestions, I kept running into the same thing again about the representatives not being able to do anything. I finally found the correct person after about 3 hours who had the ability to complete payments. However, she said that there was some sort of technical error on Verizon's end and that the order could not be completed. After dealing with all of this for 5 hours total, it was necessary to cancel the order and place a new one.

I was then unable to connect with anyone at all from sales. I had to use a roundabout way that was suggested by a chat representative in order to reach a real person via phone. After being put on hold for about 30 minutes, and after I'd already spent 5 hours prior to that 30 minutes trying to find the correct person, dealing with the chat crashing during that whole process, dealing with the phone on the other end going totally silent after I'd FINALLY gotten through to an actual person and was being transferred, etc...that nightmare of 5  hours...I finally decided to hang up, risk Verizon's technical error again, and order the phone online.

This time, the order processed correctly and showed more information than I'd seen with my last order. At that point I assumed everything was in order.



HOWEVER. I'd ordered next-day delivery. Since I ordered so late on a Thursday night, you'd assume that it would be sent out on Friday and delivered Saturday. This is WAS sent out early this morning. But, Verizon doesn't allow weekend delivery. I'll need to wait until Monday for it to be delivered.

I got back online and spoke with a chat representative to see if anything could be adjusted on Verizon's end to either allow weekend delivery or to modify the shipment so that I could hold for pickup when it's delivered at Fedex. This wasn't an option, which I figured would be the case.

But, when I asked a chat representative why Verizon would claim to offer one-day delivery when they don't allow FedEx to deliver on weekends, the representative flat-out lied about what the policy is. She said that the policy refers to "one-day delivery" as the order being shipped out the day after being ordered, but that it doesn't have anything to do with the shipment time. She used that to explain why even though they don't deliver on weekends, it's still considered one-day delivery. I called her out on it, based on what the website said...orders placed before 4 AM are sent for delivery that day, and orders placed after 4 PM are delivered the next day. One-day delivery does not mean that the order is SENT OUT that refers to the length of time AFTER SHIPMENT. She then changed her story and said that because of the pandemic, things are different...I highly doubt this. FedEx still offers weekend delivery to senders who choose that option, and the shipment time would've been the same on Verizon's end regardless, so that really carries no merit. After ALL of this, and even after my conversation with that last representative, I didn't even get my shipping comped.


Verizon has a pretty f*cked up customer service system due to how its entire system is set up This is not the fault of anyone at all that I spoke with, as they were all very kind and did the best they possibly could to try to help. All of the issues are entirely the fault of corporate for not having a better automated phone system that leads to actual people, for not having communication between departments about how to reach each other, information between departments about what department has the ability to do what job, etc. I'm highly considering cancelling my service with Verizon, sending back the phone when it comes in, and finding a new provider. If the reception from other providers wasn't so terrible where I live, I would switch today, hands down.

Re: How to file a complaint?
Customer Service Rep

emily41 The last thing we want is for you to leave us. Getting a new device should never involve hours on the phone/chat trying to make sure it is processed correctly. Not that it would make a difference at this time but so that you have it going forward (FedEx Next Day) does not include Saturday delivery. However, we do have a Saturday Delivery Option (a bit more) but still available. I'm sorry this was not presented to you.


I would be happy to review your account and look into the charges. I have sent you a Private Message here on this forum.