How to file a complaint with someone at Verizon Corporate?

I would like to find out how to make a formal complaint against specifically an employee from Verizon Store 1467 N Rochester in Rochester Hills, MI. Your employee was dishonest to get me into a new “promo” plan. In the process he pulled my credit without my permission, lied about the promo itself, charged me for services that he try to hide on my invoice, and added several additional features that I never requested onto my plan that I am still trying to get removed by dealing with your “customer service” representatives. On top of these issues, the employee was offensive, over an hour late for the appointment  he scheduled with me, complained to me about other customers in the store and when I spoke to the manager about these poor business ethics he said his employee didn’t do anything inappropriate. Since there is no accountability at this store I would like to know the next step in escalation to report this issue.

Re: How to file a complaint with someone at Verizon Corporate?
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry to learn of your experience. I would be happy to take the complaint for you. We have sent you a Private Message here on this platform.-Dolores