How to get Verizon to apply a rebate I'm owed

My son bought a new Google phone with a $350 rebate as well as an additional $350 rebate when he returned his used phone. He returned the phone using Verizon's packaging they sent him. The tracking shows that the phone was returned to their return center in Fort Worth, TX. Where the phone went after that is anyone's guess and we have been trying for 4 months to get Verizon to give us the rebate we are entitled. Every customer support person we have talked to has assured us we will get the rebate. They just have to fill out some paperwork and submit it. So far, it's still not there. Does anyone know what the next steps would be because obviously the regular customer support is not working and the UPS tracking is going to be archived and will not be visible anymore. I did print it out and I have the proof, I just don't have any idea how to get this fixed. They keep sending me reminders that my phone is eligible for an upgrade, but there is no way I'm doing anything with mine until we get this fixed. Ideas?


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