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Received great service today from a specific agent.  I wanted to let someone know, but I could not find a spot on the site to provide feedback.  It would be nice to be able to click 'Customer Survey' to initiate a phone survey. 

I don't know that it is okay to leave this agent's name here, but I would like to provide feedback for his efforts.


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Knowing you have been provided with a great customer service experience is what we always strive for. Thank you for taking the time for bringing this up to our attention. We would be happy to leave feedback on your behalf. Please send us a message via our Twitter page @ VZW Support or via Facebook. I look forward to working with you soon .

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This account doesn't exist. Leave it to Verizon to provide a fake Twitter handle to deal with customer feedback.....

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Yep! Here's my comment I want to leave for them: 


Id like to leave feedback about the most recent update from a couple of weeks ago. I am thoroughly frustrated with updates i can't control that worsen user ability. The last update made using emojis and my calendar very difficult to use. Locating the emoji has extra steps and trying to find things and then the calendar parr, if i have a lot of ongoing on it, it keeps scrolling down as i start to type. Please change this for us asap and use the product with the update first before making everyone suffer through the glitches.

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