How to report a Verizon Service Problem?

Anyone know of a way to report a service issue? In my case, there's an area in my town about 2-3 square blocks in size where data connections are intermittent and slow, with many dropped connections. I still get 3-4 bars of signal in this area, with either LTE or 5G service, but latency is insane (it averages 26,000 msec) and data rates are extremely low (the Google homepage takes a minute to load).

I've tried speaking and chatting with Verizon support people, but they rigidly follow their script and always assume the problem is some configuration issue on my phone and refuse to even acknowledge the possibility that the problem might be on their end. I have two phones, and both have an issue in this area and work fine everywhere else. The conversation with Verizon always focuses on me resetting my network settings, restarting my phones, or doing something else that will have no impact on the problem (because the problem is on Verizon's end, not mine). It's very frustrating!

Does anyone know how to get past the first line of support people and get to someone who can actually look into this problem?

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