How to submit a complaint to corporate?
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I am a very long time Verizon customer. For decades I used an outside company for my international calls and blocked any international calls on Verizon -due to the huge cost per minute I did not want to even make a direct call accidentally. In February i notice such accident still happened on one of my 4 lines and called to make sure all lines are blocked. At that time the customer representative offered me to enroll in an international plan that looked competitive to the one I was using. The 4 lines were entirely blocked for international calls. After a week and a close comparison of the rates I called Verizon to enroll all our 4 lines in the Global international plan with 2 cents a minute compared with 2.99 dollars a minute without a plan. That was about 150 times less of a cost per minute. After a month and a half  my bill came over $2600 , just to find out that the Customer Representative only moved 1 of my lines on the global plan. Instead enrolling all lines in the plan,  without my permission unblocked the other 3 lines and left them on the minute by minute international cost - WITHOIUT MY PERMISSION TO DO SO. After calling customer service I was told they will do an investigation and I will get an email with the result in 3-5 days , no email or text for 10 days. I called again and was told a supervisor will call me in 24-48 hours. No one called me in 5 days. How do I submit a complaint to the corporate office so it can be solved asap and have my account in order. I expect the next bill to be also oversized and the situation needs to be solved urgently. Thank you.

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Wow A-S-7, I would upset if I received a bill of this amount as well, I truly apologize for this situation arising and the broken promises for a callback. I want to make sure that we take the next best step for us to get this situation remedied for you. 


The best way to reach out so that we can access your account and review the notes would be to click the following links to reach us. 


Please click



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Use the mailing address listed on the Contact Us link.

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