How to submit a complaint to corporate?

After more than 15 years I am leaving Verizon.

I'll start by saying that I know this won't matter to Verizon. I know this will make no difference in any way other than to release the built-up anger, hostility & absolute disappointment I have for a large retailer with absolutely no regard to their loyal customers, Cancer patients or Disabled people. I am recovering from Chemo and Radiation and my husband is disabled with long term COVID from March of 2020. We aren’t special, a lot of people have issues I do believe however that people with verifiable scenarios should be an exception.


Beware Verizon Community for 3rd Party Authorized Dealers! This is NOT a Verizon store although from the outside you'd be confused with the HUGE Verizon logo don't forget to ask when you walk in the Verizon Store if they ARE a Verizon store because this can cost you! I blame myself as the bags are white with a red VERIZON like logo, and Big Black Block VERIZON lettering that says Cellular Sales. I'm sure this in no way was intentionally created to mimic a Verizon style bag..... To say my mind was blown after finding out this wasn't a real Verizon store is an understatement. How does it cost you/Me? Verizon will not honor any phone returns from these establishments AT ALL PERIOD. NO EXCEPTIONS, well not for us.

October 2nd, 2022 my Note battery started swelling making my phone unusable. I literally stopped at the Verizon on the corner on our way out of town to get resolution. My intention was to do the insurance return pay the amount and get the same phone. This store was NOT Verizon it was Cellular Sales on Dobson/Elliot in Chandler, AZ. The salesman was convincing, and I feel like a complete fool for believing that the guy who works at the cell phone store would lie to me about the quality of the phones. I in no way compared a used car salesman to a Verizon salesman until now. We made the poor decision of agreeing to Motorola Edge phones, 3 of them on this day.

Also, my fault as we had a 30 day “guarantee” we could return the phone if we were unhappy. Unfortunately, due to our lives we had multiple appointments in October after losing and just getting back our insurance. Barrow’s Neurology appointments and Testing for my husband, Autism testing for my 15-year-old daughter, and I being the only adult in the house that works full time, drives, and isn’t disabled but is recovering from chemo and radiation didn’t make it into their window. I accept that, it’s still a window. It’s THE rules. Firm rules, no getting around them for any reason.

We have 3 Motorola Phones with balances of over $800 that are terrible. Drop calls on wifi or not, hot spots do not work, no service when the person sitting next to you has service and is also on Verizon network, continuously disconnects from wifi while sitting on your couch. We traded in an S6 and S9 and never had these issues with them on Verizon network. We’d really like our S6 back as it works 1000 times better than a new Motorola Edge.

MONDAY Nov 7th - I went into our normal Verizon store on Gilbert Road/Germann in Gilbert, AZ. On what I thought was the 26th of owning the phones. Only to be told that Verizon is open every day so it’s NOT BUSINESS DAYS. I am now 5 days out of that 30-day window and not only that, but they can do absolutely nothing at all since I purchased them from a 3rd party (Mind Blown) they sent us out of the store with a phone number to call on Monday night. I sat in the car in the parking lot for 1.5 hours after my call dropping so many times, I had to use my daughters T-Mobile phone to get resolution came home still on that call stayed on call until it “accidentally” hung up on me. Called from my phone same experience. They tried running diagnostics kept having issues with that. Ended the call with Verizon telling me someone would call me in the AM to further discuss.

Tuesday Nov 8th – No call back from Verizon. I called them spent 3 hours and 20 minutes on the line, got to Tier 2 (Whatever that is) continuously asking for supervisors. The result was that the Motorola phones could be mailed back, I was about to get that information when I asked him what phones we were supposed to use in the interim. He verified the exchange of the S6 & S9 put me on hold then came back to inform me that he would have to call me back in the am with an answer.

Wednesday Nov 9th – No call back from Verizon. I called them, this time I get the auto message that “they see my account has had previous calls or something to that effect” get put through to someone who asks what the problem is, I asked him to read the notes on the account. 20 minutes later he tells me that they won’t do anything because I am outside of the 30-day window. I explain that I received ok to mail them back the previous night and need to know why I no longer have that option. Conveniently that note was NOT left on my account by the previous Verizon person. How convenient for me. I finally, finally have had enough I did raise my voice for the first time after at last 8-10 hours over 3 days that I needed a supervisor. I waited on hold for a long time after, only knowing I was connected because my call was still on timer. I kept looking to check to make sure I didn’t get accidentally hung up on or my phone dropped the call again. I got to talk to a supervisor who informed me that she agreed with me that all this time and energy was too much, and Verizon had failed to support a customer. She said she was going to make it right, make me a priority, get these phones switched for Samsung’s even explained there would be a price difference for the Samsung's because they were more expensive. I agreed but knew this already I will pay monthly for better phones. She made me an appt at my Verizon store for Nov 10th. Was going to call me to talk to the store manager to “override” the 30-day guarantee. I was skeptical even after I received the email confirming the appt at the store. She promised her “footprint” would be ALL OVER MY ACCOUNT I didn’t need her number, she doesn’t have a direct line anyway. “I am her priority for tomorrow” I hung up thinking I had this resolved and was looking forward to the appt at Verizon the following day.

Thursday Nov 10th – I get a call about an hour and a half before the appt from PAUL confirming I would be there; I had already confirmed via email previously as well. We walk into Verizon store to check in. The guy looks down at the bags containing the phone boxes, cases, etc. for the Motorola’s and says “we aren’t helping you with any phones that come from Cellular Sales” you need to go back to that store for return. I was dumfounded, immediately upset, irritated and frustrated. I started to explain the situation, and he literally walked away “to get my manager” as I was talking. The manager comes, I don’t even get a word out and he says, “we aren’t helping you with any phones that come from Cellular Sales” I said the supervisor was going to call and he said, “I’ll tell her the same thing” Things got loud, my husband lost it after seeing me go through all I had the last 3 days. Really, what do these people expect? You push us around, hang up on us, don’t call back, promise to make it right, I take time off work, then NOTHING and you expect NO REACTION, you expect a friendly response? I expected a friendly response when I walked in the store.  We were asked to leave the store, by the 4 male store managers that were now hovering over and around me. I sent my husband and brother out and told the 4 store Managers that I was waiting on my call, one manager told me we were a group and that I had to leave, I refused and told him to call someone to make me leave, that I was waiting on that call so that he could speak to her so I had confirmation, that I saw that he would tell her NO, that he would not help me. He smirked and said, “I already told you I am not helping you with those phones” They were calm they had to gang up on a woman. They are practiced, I am sure; I am also sure they have cameras to record their performances. They called the police to escort me out. While waiting I called Verizon sales to get this supervisor on the phone from the night before (the one whose “footprint” is all over my account) it’s now 30 minutes into my appt and NOTHING from her yet. I get someone on the phone, and I ask them if s supervisor from a call tells a manager from a store that they are overriding the 30-day guarantee do they have to do that. He immediately tells me the store does NOT have to do ANYTHING that a supervisor from the Customer services/ Technical services tells them to do. So, this was all for nothing, for nothing! I looked back at the manager of the store who is smiling at me, tells Me “Have a nice day” Have a nice day? Still no wonder they get the response they do from customers. I told him congratulations you lost a customer of 20 years and he literally shrugged and smirked and told me again to “have a nice day” still picking on the women Verizon manager? This is the GREAT Verizon service as I have come to expect after the last 4 days. I left before the police got there if they were even called? No idea.

I decided once in the car we would go to Cellular Sales as so respectively requested. I called Verizon again to attempt to get the supervisor on the phone while on that call my other line rings and it’s PAUL from earlier asking me how my appointment is going. I said it’s not they wouldn’t even look at the phones. I asked him where the supervisor was and if I could talk to her. He let me know she was in a meeting and couldn’t be interrupted. I explained I was at the “OTHER” store and needed to speak to her so she could override the 30 days. Wait Paul, I am a PRIORITY, or haven’t you heard? He said he wouldn’t go “barging” in there for my call. I told him thank you for your help & time and hung up. Got back on the line with other rep and told her I got my answer. We went into the Cellular Sales store where we were promptly informed that Verizon cannot “override” the 30 day guarantee because Cellular Sales does not take orders from Verizon supervisors and our only recourse is to pay off the $2400.00 + we owe on the Motorola phones if we want something else. I left. There was no yelling no nothing.

It’s 3:45, and I still haven’t gotten that priority call from your person, you WIN VERIZON. You’ve beat me down I don’t have the energy to fight you, your supervisors, your tier 1’s, your tier 2’s, your store staff, your fake 3rd party store staff. Anyone. Verizon you win, congratulations. My only recourse now is to eat the subpar phones.

Appt at T-Mobile tonight at 6:00PM. I guess we’ll see how much this last transaction with Verizon costs me.

Shame on you Verizon, do better.