Huawei compatibility issue
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Verizon is well known for the best coverage and services, and I believed it and had the chance to become a Verizon customer in order to change from my current provider. I did my research on my device for compatibility (Huawei cellphone) and found out that isn't compatible. I went to a Verizon store with a friend to get him a SIM card, and I was offered to join. I informed the agent about my compatibility results, the agent tried so hard to convince me that it would work and even asked me to test it himself with a Verizon SIM card and I believed him.

He tried to call his personal phone and he said it worked so I was happy that it worked. Before leaving the store I tried to test it myself for more than 20 minutes, no network, no internet nothing. He tried to help me troubleshoot it but nothing was resolved. Since I'm a a former telecommunication technical support and did a lot of Tier2 troubleshooting steps but it failed as well, at that point I decided to leave and give it another shoot at home, call Verizon Technical Support to find a solution but nothing worked. Then I decided to visit another Verizon store and I found that the agent their had a very good Technical background, once he saw my device he told me that we do not support Huawei phones anymore and advised me to go back to the first store for a refund .

I went back to the store and I was chocked that no one was able to help me with the issue , even one of the team told me that she never heard about the brand "Huawei" before. They called someone in another department and passed the call to me, the agent on the line tried to convince me that it's not our fault, I tried to explain the issue to him for getting false information which led to the purchase, I even gave him the IMEI number to check himself and he found out that it's not compatible . Turned out that the purchase agent put my phone on the system as a SAMSUNG, and on the receipt as Iphone. The agent on the line explained that Verizon is unable to full refund me and finally offered me a $30 refund!! 

To be honest, this is the worst customer experience I've ever had, a very bad customer service with almost zero technical information agents, and it felt like I'm begging for my right to have a service, and pay for a mistake that I didn't do.
Thank you so much for this kind of service Verizon, and if you can't refund me for the service that I paid for or at least compensate a potential future customer, for the wrong information and the hassle I went through.. then I would wish you a good luck with collecting money instead of retaining loyal customers.

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