I bought a phone under my dads plan



I bought a new Galaxy s24 outright (mostly) after my previous phone broke. I said mostly because verizon requires you to have a 36 month contract, so for the next 3 years I pay 1 cent / month as part of my bill. When I bought the phone, I activated the it to my previous line which is attached to my father's account. I want to check to see if the phone belongs to me since I purchased it, or does it technically belong to my father because it's line is a part of his account? 

Additionally, if I choose to open a new verizon account for myself, am I able to transfer the phone I purchased to that new account (I know I would need a new #) or does it stay attached to his account?

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Customer Service Rep

This is a great question. Since you purchased the device on a 36 month device payment agreement, the device is under the account your line is on. If you decide to open your own account you may be able to move this agreement with you to the new account. ~Peter