I get unlimited data and nothing loads in the middle of my town...or anywhere other than when connected to wifi.

It's no secret that AT&T has much better coverage in my area. Most people I know where I live have made the switch or are planning on making the switch. I've had Verizon since I was 18 and love my local store, but I'm seriously so frustrated with how my data never works. I can never get a connection to the internet outside of my wifi connections. If I do, it's random and quickly "is unable to load". I have been in positions to attempting to make a payment for services via Venmo or Paypal at a location where I do not have wifi access and have to walk around a parking lot to try and get an app to pull up. It never loads anything. Yesterday, I was trying to pull up google on safari at a restaurant right in the middle of town and I couldn't get a connection with 3 data bars. Verizon use to be so good here, and now it's almost unusable and continues to get worse over time. I'm to the point, if it continues, I'm going to have to make the switch. I pay for unlimited and I get no access. I feel like it's pointless service at this point and I hear EVERY customer complain here. My son has AT&T through his dad's service and NEVER has issues. He's able to pull up apps, play games, and basically anything, anywhere. Me and my other son (has an ipad on my line) are constantly having connection issues outside our house. And I live in the most populated part of our county. One of the main roads is commonly known as the "verizon black hole". But the whole town is becoming a black hole. Is there anything that can be do or should I seriously look elsewhere to make use of what I pay for?

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We do not want to see you go. Please send us a Private Note letting us know the affected ZIP Codes, so we can troubleshoot from there.