I have been over charged on my account and no one at verizon can tell me why, so how do i get it resolved?

In September and October I was charged for 45G overage on my data plan for data I did not use. I contacted Verizon on many occasions to resolve the charges. My plan is for 6G data which I never used all of my data per month in the past four plus years with Verizon. No one will talk to me in regards to where these overages came from a when. I purchase a tablet for when I am traveling it has never been used for more than an hour or two per month since I've had it.in got a bill for Over  $900.00 the next bill cycle and a $1000.00 plus dollars the next  This is absolutely absurd. This must be resolved or I will be  forced to terminate my long term loyalty with Verizon.

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Hello ANTART47,

I would be concerned too if my bill was higher than I expected. Please reply to the private message I am sending so we can review your bill together.


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The data overages Verizon claim were from September to October but the

device they claim for the overages was turn off and power down for near all

the time frame Verizon said the usage occurred. I had technical support to

look into it and they could not find out why I was getting data usage when

the device was not on. The technical support person even agreed that

something is wrong. I took the device to Verizon store and I was told to

get a high data plan, they set the device to a high data setting, and the

device stopped data usage or so they said. I now I have a data plan that

cost more and I don't use that much data. I have never gone over the

allotted data I signed up for and I am forced to take a plan I do not need.

Now all of a sudden there's no problem with my device Verizon says. I

refuse to pay for data I didn't use.

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Each device keeps its own data meter, in settings, under cellular data usage.

Apple devices have to be reset with each bill period.

If the tablet in question is android, it would show how much data is did, (or in this case , did not use)

You can also change the bill cycle to show previous bill cycle data use.   If the tablet shows far less data than Verizon claims, you have proof, then stick to your guns.

BTW  You can change your data plan up till the last day of your bill cycle, up or down.


Was it the tablet line that used most of the data? Each tablet or phone keeps track internally of the data it uses. Did you look at the devices to see if each of them used data that adds up to 45 GB. Did you get warnings you were going over data?

You should strongly consider moving to the new Verizon Plan and turning on Safety Mode so you never get a surprise overage again.