I have been severely abused by Verizon Customer Service.

In May of 2020 I became a Verizon customer by purchasing a Galaxy phone and transferring my XXX-XXX-XXXX number to it. At the time of the purchase there was a an error in your back and system and I ended up with two phone numbers on my account one of which I am not in possession of (XXX-XXX-XXXX). Since May of 2020, up to today (9/18/2020) I have been:

  •  overcharged every month for the device that I am not in possession of
  • I was charged disconnection fees by one of your customer service associates (Bianca) as I was on the phone on with her 7/31/2020, trying to reconcile my account. I was charged disconnection fees for all 4 devices, even the one I am not in possession of. During my call with Bianca I had to take control of the conversation because she started to get louder and more abrupt with me. This is why I believe she deliberately disconnected and reconnected my devices in retaliation. In my latest call on 9/17/2020, those reconnection fees were removed, however I was still charged and paid for the 4th device again.

I have spent more than 6 hours on the line with your associates; I was treated poorly, my account is still not correct and at this point I have zero confidence that I have been made whole. In addition to this, I also feel highly abused and treated significantly unfairly by your customer service team in trying to make this right.

I am sending a copy of this letter to my lawyer and I intend to litigate up to a class action lawsuit as I believe there are many other customers in this same situation, having to take time out of my valuable and busy workday to try and fix your billing errors, all the while having my phone disconnected on me during a conference call for work and being abused by your customer service team.

At this time, I am seeking a reconciliation of the mental, emotional and time expenses that I have suffered as your customer.