I have been trying to get a problem solved for over a month

On June 27th, I called to ask if I needed to change my plan when I added an Apple watch. I was told I did and the cost would be just $8 more than the grandfathered plan that I was in. The next day I received an email with a link for my new service. I would need pay an additional $34 for the month and then $17 a month after that. It was for an unlimited plan which I really don't need as I never use more than 1GB of data/month. 

I called customer service and asked to be switched back to my original plan. When I asked to be switched back to my original plan, she said she couldn't do that. I asked to speak with a supervisor. The agent went to speak with a supervisor and came back and said that she would have my original plan put back on my account. My call was then disconnected.

I called customer service again and explained the situation. I was told that she would wait until my new statement period and credited me for the extra $34 and revert my account to my original plan.

I checked yesterday. I had received neither the $34 or my original plan. The plan which I was now put on was more expensive for a 1GB than one I could get for 5GB and 5G service. I called CS again and was told there was a note on my account that I would called today. I waited all day and no call came.

I request a call online. When call came through, there was one on the line. I called directly and have been on hold for an hour. 

In addition to be completely frustrated by Verizon's customer service (or lack thereof),  half the time I try to use my cell to connect to the Internet, I do not have connectivity. Are others having this problem.



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