I just want my phones and my Upgrade Promotion

Dealing with Verizon over the last month has been a nightmare.  I initially upgraded our 4 iphone 11s in September with the $1000 back promotion.  I received the 4 phones on Oct 1. One phone was in it's own box with the return label and padded envelope, just as it was supposed to be.  The other three were in a wet, crushed box that had been put in another box to continue shipping.  There were no return labels and no envelopes.  I returned these three phones, fearing they may be damaged based on the condition of the box they arrived in.  I was initially going to exchange them at the local store, but was told by a Verizon rep to return them and reorder.  After the phones had been returned, I attempted to reorder three new phones, as the offer was still valid.  This was on Oct 13.  I was reordering them with the help of a Verizon phone rep.  I was told Verizon had been having computer issues and sure enough, when I attempted to complete my order, their system locked up.  The rep said no problem, he would just cancel that order and I could try again.  Unfortunately he could not cancel the order, and I could not complete it.  He ended up having to put in a ticket it their IT department to cancel that order.  It took 12 days and multiple, very long phone calls to finally get that order cancelled so that I could try again.  I was assured multiple times that I could still get the initial offer.  Finally, on 10/25 I was able to place another order, and was told by that Verizon rep that she couldn't add the offer, but that after I received the phones, I could call Customer Service and have the offer added.  I received the replacement phones on 11/1, and called to have the offer added, but was told that the offer could not be added to an already placed order.  I was told to return the phones to my local store and they could reorder them again, with the offer.  I took the phones to my local store and was told that the offer had expired and that an order placed then would not have the offer.  They finally got in touch with an escalation manager at Verizon and I was told to go ahead and activate the new phones, then bring the old phones in and they could add the $1000 back to my account.  I will do this and hope that it works, but at this point I do not have much faith in what I'm being told.  I have literally spent over 10 hours on the phone with at least a dozen different Verizon Reps to try to resolve this problem, and when I ask the store if they could provide some compensation for the time and trouble I've gone through over this ordeal, I was told no, they couldn't do that.  We shall see what happens.