I’m just sad
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In January 2021 my daughter traded in her phone and got a new one.  She was so happy and so were we.  However, about a month ago, we noticed that her old number was still on the bill.  Did a little digging and discovered we had paid over $600 for a phone we no longer had.  Simple fix right…call Verizon, cancel the number and credit the bill.  But after 3 hours, we had only recovered a portion (less than half) of what we had lost.  Brett, from verizon, argued that we should have noticed that the phone we had given back was still on our bill.  He wouldn’t budge which left us feeling devalued, disappointed, and sad.  Our family has been with Verizon for over 20 years, many of those paying over $250 a month.  We are just sad and have begun to research other options.  Big decision, i am sure it will cost money and time but i think we gotta.