I'm not going to hang up...
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I've been on hold for 30 minutes. 

A gold iPhone 7 32gb is NOT worth less than a black iPhone 7 32gb.

Worst customer service ever. Customer service agents can work from home. Stop hiding behind COVID-19 and answer the friggin' phone.


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Re: I'm not going to hang up...
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You're wasting your time. A stranger on the phone has zero ability to change the value of a phone nor their supervisor or their supervisor. Wait times  are bad because of callers like yourself wasting the time of reps who could be assisting someone with an actual problem.


Re: I'm not going to hang up...
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We all want the maximum dollars for our trade-ins, ccInSTL. We understand where you are coming from that the color should not affect the trade-in value. While we do not control the prices the market offers for trade-ins, curiosity did get the better of me. When I searched on www.trade-in.vzw.com, I found that both the gold and black models you mentioned qualified for the same promotional offer and both yielded the same trade-in value for “good” condition. It is my sincere hope that this information helps ease your concerns.