I preordered both the samsung fold 3 and the flip 3 with bogo being get 1000 dollars off if you port in number and sign unlimited plan online lies

I ordered both devices early Sept during the final days of bogo that offered 1000 dollars off either device if u ported your number in and signed up for unlimited plan was all that it demanded. When I called to speak to an agent because u could only do this deal online said I now needed eligible devices so I explained I had a new samsung note 8 and a Samsung 9+ due to just doing insurance claim. Also at this time they were offering 150 dollars off of new samsung watch and for new customers 500 dollar visa gift  cards per new line being ported. Also their deal was get a free flip 3 if u got a fold 3 or flip 3 if u wanted second device and u financed your new device but the agent didn't know if I qualify because I was getting 1000 off fold 3 if I could also get second device free even though the bogo deal stated it. So upon signing up they were back logged on the devices so they asked me if they should wait to send all devices together and I stated yes because my wife would kill me if I had mine and she didn't. Well at the end of September we went on vacation because they said it be about 7 weeks and when we got back on Oct 2 my devices were here along with a over 700 dollar bill that actually arrived two days prior and I didn't understand why I had already got a bill since they said it be weeks before I got device and that when I ported my numbers over would be the day my service begins so either that night or in the morning I called and went about porting my numbers over and I asked them why I had already received a bill for over 700 dollars before even turning my devices on and I was fhen informed that somehow I didn't sign up for the bogo deal even though they saw it being offered and on top of that the employee had put temp numbers on the devices and they say they sent one device on the 24th so they automatically started my service on Sept 24 for one device and that from Sept 25 to Oct 2 when I ported my numbers over I had to pay full price for a whole month for devices was the reason I received a 700 dollar bill. So I then spent 3 days running between stores to try n get help with corporate telling they couldn't help me because order was done online and so after two calls over 15 hours each I finally talked to an American associate. Now some background I am a disabled veteran who suffers from extreme PTSD and is 100 percent disabled in which I explained getting my devices. So at first they fought and said I didn't sign up for no bogo deal and I said so I didn't wait 4 years to build my credit so I finally could get to be eligible and similar stories w previous carriers trying to rob me and finally with almost a 800 which shows I always pay my bills did verizon accept me and yall are saying that I totally signed up for two of the most expensive phones on top that I'm a new customer plus I was porting my numbers over and not one time did yr sales associate even offer me the deal that was all over TV and internet that instead he just signed me up paying full price guess that's what happens when they have foreign sales associates who work for them which is but because there was no notes supposedly and I then went off and anger starting to get the best of me because I knew all the steps and waiting for these new devices cause I couldn't get approved. So after just saying I'll send yr devices back and we just cancel this cause they were offering even better deal and we could start over I was told no no we can fix it. At this time I asked them what about my devices I need to send in and they couldn't get me labels for each one they took my imei and just told me to stick them in the return box for the fold 3 and flip and they make a note they were being sent in a different box all together. I kept my imei because after couple months I saw no promo being applied and when I called they said they only received one device but after me losing my cool again because I had my imei numbers still all of the sudden they found other devices but no it's two months in and my note 8 wasn't eligible anymore and that I could only get 800 for my 9+ even though originally devices weren't part of deal. So they show I received devices 28th but didn't port till Oct 3 so after alot of delegation a manager supposedly helped me on Nov 15 and was concluded I owed 260 from Oct 2 till Nov 2 and on top off that I would be getting credited 500 dollars to offset the money I wasn't getting from turning devices In so I thought I would be receiving in a few weeks the credit but I stead they lied and still charged me the 700 dollars and they just took my payment on the 15th and minus it from the 700+ and left over being around 500 they just used the credit I was suppose to get to use towards devices and paid the balance and at this moment I actually was a month behind and now started to carry a balance over because the payment was for the Sept to Oct bill in which I never used device and didn't see it till the 2nd of October but because he assigned temp numbers to all three devices I had a bill already for those numbers. And what's funny is that none of this was written up no notes no nothing. I am totally disgusted because in December I had another 15 + session with verizon and said just let's cancel this there is a better offer anyways and I'm only a new customer once but they said I wouldn't be eligible for up to 9 months after canceling and that they could get everything handled and so they said for all the trouble they were going to give me some discounts and I paid only 94 dollars thinking I'm still caught all the way up and in January after receiving another 500 + bill I called and lost it again because we done went through this now 4 times everything they stated it was handled and notes were taken that I find out no notes and that because of this I had to go through and prove my side when they lied in December when I wanted to just send devices back in a d cancel because it was getting to complicated. So now not only do I supposedly owe them for a month of service they also took the credits they were giving me to offset what I didn't get in bogo and just took it and applied it to some 700 dollar bill I had already the first month of my service I have 2 devices unlimited which is around 140 and devices were at full price 79 and 49 plus 30 dollars insurance and watch at 15 that's just around 300 plus the activation of 35 35 and 15 brings it to at most 375 I could of been billed from the 2nd of Oct to 2nd of November where I would ever have to pay 700 + for 2 phones is crazy and everything I try to talk to Verizon it takes usually 3 hours plus to get to an American and everything they hang up on me. 

Re: I preordered both the samsung fold 3 and the flip 3 with bogo being get 1000
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