IMEI Works On Verizon's Network But Not Verizon MVNOs
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I have two unlocked Motorola phones whose IMEIs will not work on MVNOs that use the Verizon network. When entering the IMEIs in the MVNO BYOP form the error message says the phone is "incompatible". The same IMEIs show as compatible when entering them directly on Verizon's website.

One of the MVNOs, Visible, is owned by Verizon. They do not have phone support and the chat support people keep saying that they cannot fix this problem. The other MVNO also doesn't know how to fix it. However, someone who has worked level 2 tech support for two phone manufactures told me that these IMEIs must be entered into the carrier's database for the phones to work on the network.

Since two MVNOs using Verizon's network can't fix this problem, I think that Verizon has to update the MVNO database (not the MVNOs themselves), and Verizon has not done so. Is there any way to find out whether Verizon is aware of this problem and when it will be fixed?

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Re: IMEI Works On Verizon's Network But Not Verizon MVNOs
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Thank you for reaching out to us here at Verizon.. Please private message us for further assistance.