IPhone 13ProMax goes into SOS only mode

Out of the blue yesterday - while out of town on a day trip - my phone entered SOS only - black button top right with white SOS text.  Apparently that is supposed to mean there is no cellular signal available. So I had no phone, no email, no text, NADA. .. couldn’t even research what to do.  I was able to have my friend do it on her phone and was able to access carrier services on settings and it showed a service update which I executed.  It came out of SOS mode momentarily but 5 mins later went back offline.  I did several non helpful online suggestions such as toggling on and off Airplane mode, doing cold boots, etc. nothing worked until I got back home and logged onto my laptop and into wireless on my phone. 

it’s on wireless and working at the moment. But I’m afraid to drive out of town without understanding what caused it and how to resolve it.   Think of me as your elderly Aunt with a health condition.  I am not illiterate to phone technology but this issue has me flat footed. 

I appreciate your help. 

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Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to read about the issue with the service on your device. Please try resetting the network settings on the device. Here are some useful instructions: https://www.verizon.com/support/knowledge-base-207110/


You will need to set up your Wi-Fi and bluetooth connections again after completing the steps. ~Peter