IPhone7 stop working after update
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I work from home due to covid and a single parent. My phone is my lifeline which is required to be used for conference and calls especially with a 2 year old. Apparently the new Apple update did something to my phone and now it is a brick and I am unable to unlock to access anything. I have not received any calls so I am unsure if I can receive calls. 

I went online and broke down to upgrade and selected to have the new phone delivered the same day. When I input the payment information the page refreshed and I continued with the check out and checked my email. When the tracking number was provided it said 2 day and it would arrive Friday by 8PM. Today is Tuesday and I have already lost 1/2 a day and I have a 2 year old. 

I contacted customer service via chat online because that is the only form of communication I currently have to find help. There were very little option. So there were very little options the best one was add a second line and have curbside pick up for tomorrow. I was told I was not able to be eligible for that because I have a phone on the way and it takes 24-48 hours to cancel for a full refund and I would have to pay for the full balance on my Ipad. 

Now I have been a loyal customer since 2007 never had a delinquent account and have verizon home. I asked for someone to approve this because I need a phone to work and they were aware I was going to return the phone for a refund. I asked if they had spoken to a supervisor they claimed they had "Lifted my concern" and nothing could be done. They also claimed that I would have to refund the original order and pay the IPAD in full yet I am a loyal customer. 

 I am unable to call anyone even 911 because my phone in not working and I have a child with me during this epidemic and I need a phone to work. I asked to speak to someone who has the authority to approve this transaction. The person I was chatting said they would connect me, I said thank you. What they did do however was keep me online until the system logged me off even though I repeated the keep checking in and I even asked if they were still there. 


Is this customer service??? How will verizon respond and help