Illegally changing my plan
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Good Morning; I hope this letter finds you well.


I would like to know if you can assist me in getting a problem with Verizon resolved.  On May 6th, 2023, I contacted Verizon to ask what settings I needed to change on my phone to allow me to use it while I was abroad in London and Rome.  The operator immediately said she could save me $10 monthly on the unlimited plan.  I said, "No, I am not interested in changing my plan."  The operator said I could call a couple of different numbers for technical support numbers to get an answer to my question.  I ended the call to contact the technical support number.  I finished the call, satisfied with the operator's response. 


A few minutes after the call ended, I got an email and text welcoming me to the unlimited plan, which I explicitly said I did not want.  I called Verizon right away and told them of this error and stated that I did not want to change plans and that this change was unauthorized.  This operator, Lovely, said she would work with me to resolve this.  I explained that my plan was the small 2 GB plan, and I had promotional credit for a new phone for $27.78 monthly.  Additionally, I had 999GB of complimentary data monthly to expire if I ever changed my plan or the year 2999.  The 999GB of complimentary data was why I always wanted to keep my plan the same.  This conversation had just happened when I changed my phone.  I did not want to change my plan under any circumstance. 


Lovely was able to get me back on the 2GB plan.  She said she would call back on May 19th to ensure everything was as it was; this was when I expected to return from my vacation.  On the 25th and as promised, Lovely returned the phone call, and Verizon did not restore the 999GB of data monthly, and my promotional credit had changed from $27.78 to $13.86.  I told her that was not acceptable. 


On May 25th, Verizon contacted me again, asking if I was happy with the resolution.  I told Verizon I was not satisfied with the solution.  They asked what I wanted and what was unsatisfactory.  I told them I wanted the 999GB restored and my promotional credit reinstated.  The operator said it was fixed; just give it time to show up. 


On May 27th, when I logged into my online account, only the 2GB plan had been restored, and no other issues were addressed.  Seeking assistance, I contacted support through their chat feature to inquire about the necessary fixes.  The operator informed me that the 2GB plan and my phone's promotional credit had been restored, questioning what else I wanted.  I explained that the promotional credit should be $27.78, but they claimed it was $13.86.  I explained to the operator stating the correct amount to support my claim.  The operator requested a specific number from the letter, and, upon finding it, he acknowledged the error and promised to rectify it.

Next, I raised the issue of the 999GB promotional data not being restored, leading the operator to place me on hold for half an hour.  Eventually, they informed me that restoring the 999GB promotional data was impossible.  They offered me a one-time $20 bill credit to resolve their mistake.  Dissatisfied, I declined the offer, emphasizing that they had changed my plan without my consent, making it their responsibility to restore my account to its original state.  However, the operator insisted that achieving that outcome was impossible and claimed there was nothing further they could do.


Now I am writing to ask you to assist me in getting this resolved.  It is illegal for a telephone company to change your carrier or cause other charges without permission; removing the 999GB of bonus data will cause my bill to go up when I exceed the data allowance.

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