Improving Service

When will VZW improve service across the network?  Service can be great at times but pretty slow even within the coverage range.  OKC where I live is a prime example.  The city is good but move outside of the city limits even within coverage it drops to 3G which in my case doesn't work 90% of the time.  Tinker AFB is also a dead zone apparently but T-Mobile users get service.  Why is this and what is VZW going to do about it?

Currently we got informed that VZW has service issues in Oklahoma right now but whenever services get restored which hopefully is some time today because if not I better not be paying for it including everyone in Oklahoma.  I can't stand T-Mobile or any other carrier so I want to see VZW not only improve but destroy the other carriers.  Only thing I don't like is that I can't deploy and use VZW overseas.  I could with T-Mobile which is why I switched but when I returned everywhere I went (OK, TN, PA) I had no service.  I switched back the day I returned to Oklahoma.

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