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These last few days has been the worst with Verizon and I have been a customer for over 10 years.  You all should be ashamed of yourself advertising like you know what customers service is.  Placed 2 orders on 12/29 and for one rep sends me to a store in Coral Springs Fl that has been closed for pick up!!  None of the phone numbers for any Verizon store goes to the actual store! Needed help finding the other store and no assistance. Got to the store at 8 pm Davie, Fl and the Rep who was a manager did not have the decency to come and speak to me!  I had already gotten a text that my curbside pick up was ready.  How long would it take for him to give me my order!!  That’s how managers are trained??? A complete waste of my time.  Hours on the phone 12/30 and on line and being told to make appointment for a store that is closed.  Nothing updated in the Verizon system to say the store is closed when I told them it’s closed with several FEDEX stickers on the door.  Finally lastnight I canc the order and was told in 15 mins I would be able to reorder.  Up until this morning it was still showing new device agreement.  Called this morning and it was updated.  I used a $55 device reward when making purchase towards one phone now being told have to get credit on bill for that!!!  I am royally **bleep** as all I did was to make a purchase 4 upgrades 2 IPhone 12, Samsung and iPad Pro- giving more money to Verizon.  No one understands the frustration and honestly  tried to make things better.  I think my time with Verizon maybe up!!  I would like to hear from someone who can do something.  

Re: In Store orders
Customer Service Rep

@Diahann07, you have been through quite the journey getting your order placed. Your time is one that simply cannot be overlooked, so I am more than eager to make sure you are supplied with a resolution. I want to also make sure I collect your sentiments and experience at the Davie Store location. You deserve a seamless interaction each and every time you work with us. I have sent a Private Note to your inbox, so please make sure to reply to me there.