Incoming calls still going to my old phone

We are attempting to move from Wal-Mart Family Mobile to Verizon.  The port of the three WMFM numbers is not going well.  Our new phones can send/receive texts and make outgoing calls.  However, all incoming calls to those numbers are still going to our old WMFM phones.  The Verizon port group line is forever busy, so we haven't been able to talk to anyone there about the problem and WMFM tech support is clueless.  How do we get this resolved?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Re: Incoming calls still going to my old phone
Customer Service Rep

Hello, DJLong. We are very sorry to hear about the concern that has come up with porting your phone numbers to Verizon Wireless. We certainly are happy to assist with making sure that you are on the right path to getting the port-ins finished successfully. When all other services are working other than incoming calls, this is an indication that the port-in has not fully completed just yet. When you dial out to our Port Center number which is 888-844-7095 and you will be greeted by hearing that you have reached the Port Center, you will then be prompted to enter in the phone number that you are porting to Verizon Wireless. That is when the Port Center IVR will share the status of your port-in with you and let you know if there is any update that your port-in request needs to ensure that the port-in is completed. Please let us know how this goes. Thank you. BrettA_VZW