Incredibly horrific hold music
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Unfortunately I've had to call 611 a few times the last couple days and I've been on hold for quite some time. OMG the hold music is horrific.  

Re: Incredibly horrific hold music
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I am trying to find out what it is, I swear I hear Eminem but in a completely elevator/hold muzac rendition, I don't mind it so much but their could be more than one fudging song, what times we live in when these are the things that bother us, life is good

Re: Incredibly horrific hold music
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hold music volume 200%

representative volume 25%

Can't hear the rep but nearly go deaf while on hold.

Re: Incredibly horrific hold music
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As a consumer myself, I do not like to wait on hold either. Unpleasant music just makes it that much worse. I apologize, we can certainly lift this feedback up to management. Is there anything we can help with here? RosanneM_VZW

Re: Incredibly horrific hold music
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don't think anything ever happened to this. apple gives a few options, including hold in silence... the music i'm listening to right now is painful. my kids hate it too. please please please fix the issue. of course the best fix is to call me back when it's my turn.

Re: Incredibly horrific hold music
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