Independent Verizon Store Nightmare - Long Rant
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Today I placed an order online for some hot phones.  The order was for a 512GB iphone 12 pro in pacific blue and a 256GB iphone 12 pro in graphite.  

They were back ordered online so local pickup was the only solution.  The rep online spent time with me and split the order into two separate stores.  Good so far, I have a car and a free hour.  One was a corporate store, one was the independently owned franchise store (I did not know this at the time).  I was pumped, Christmas is going to work out this year for Santa.  

I roll to the corporate store first.  They have my phone, bring it outside to me in 2 minutes.  256GB iphone pro in graphite.  Boom.  On to the next store.

As I walk into the next store, I am greeted by a rep with two small diamond earrings and bright yellow shoes asking if I am there for a store pickup.  He proceeds to tell me, without looking up my order, that the "computer is broken" and I can't pickup my phone.  They "can't process store pickups."  This is terrible news...  The best part is, the system works fine for buying phones in store!  So, he insisted I call the corporate help line and cancel my phone order.  That way, I can buy the new phone from him right there in the store!  Think about what great news this is for me.  Another hour in the covid infected store AND I get to help out the local community and make sure this rep gets his commission!  Why buy online with this type of local service right?  Mean while, I am looking at my phone on the counter... that I paid for... and can't have.  

Now, this order has 2 new lines porting into my account... and by the way there are (2) iphone SEs shipping to my house for other lines.  Additionally, I already picked up the other pro from the corporate store.  You know, the one with working computer.  There is no way I am cancelling this and ordering from this store.  Even if I wanted to, I couldn't!  

I sat on the phone with Verizon support/service for an hour and a half.  They can't make them give me the phone I bought.  They can't manually cancel my order.  The "computer issue" is with a "3rd party point of sale system" so Verizon can't fix it at the independent store.  They also have no way to validate if this story is even half true.  Doesn't matter, I don't get a phone.  

Resolution?  There isn't one.  I can't cancel my order for 72 hours.  I can't get the back ordered phone online... and because I spent 3.5 hours trying pick the phone up the other stores are all sold out.  No phone till Dec 29th at the earliest.  The Verizon customer support can not make the store do anything and they can't offer me any solution except waiving my activation fee... for my inconvenience.  Do they even care?  They already have my money, 15 years of loyalty, and 5 auto-paying unlimited lines.  

Has anyone used T-Mobile?  Asking for a friend who needs a Christmas present.


Oh and the store?  

TCC Bartlett
908 S IL ROUTE 59 BARTLETT, IL 601031668
I would avoid order pick ups here... apparently some computer issues.
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Today I called the TCC corporate line looking for service.  Followed the prompts for order service... and after a 10 minute hold was dumped into VM.

As expected...

Customer Service Rep

P9B77, we appreciate your interest in our service and I'd be happy to help. To start service with us, please dial Telesales at 800-256-4646.



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I know it terrible, but you being mad at the Verizon CS rep doesn't even make sense. If your burger order was wrong at an in store McDonald's, you don't complain to the Walmart CS desk about it. A Verizon CSR is no different. They rep Verizon and can help with corporate issues, not TCC or any other 3rd party.

Go here if you want to rant to TCC about your experience.

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I ordered the phone online from Verizon directly online.  They chose an independent store as the vendor to supply me with my pickup.  I do have some right to be frustrated with them.  They set the expectation the phone would be there.  If it isn't there, they should be able to make it right.  This isn't heart surgery, it is a phone.  I mean... they are so confident it will be there they even let me pay for it first....


To be honest, the verizon cs reps were great at handling an extremely angry customer.  They don't have the tools to fix the issue.  It isn't the rep at all, its a bad distribution model.

Still mad.  Thank you for the link to TCC.



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You got the royal blank runaround for sure seems kinda odd to me that it was a 2 store ordeal just guessing but bet the corporate store had another