Insane Data Spike 8/8/2020

Well, this happened to me last month and I thought it be an off month or something weird I did (ended up having to add double the amount of data I usually use which tripled my bill).  That thought was thrown out the window tonight.

Since I was somewhat skeptical, I have been keeping a close eye on my data usage this month.  I checked tonight and still had just under 50% data left with 8 days left in the cycle.  Literally within 30 minutes or less after checking, I get an alert stating I have 0% data left.  Then I got about 3 more alerts, each one stating a new charge for overage, until it hit about $60.  How this is possible is beyond me.  Each time I close my phone screen I kill all my apps, like muscle memory. 

The data usage is seriously suggesting I used around 9 gigs of data within minutes.  this is absolutely ridiculous.  Not to mention when I got further into the problem on chat, parts of my conversation were removed and then all of a sudden the site logged me out.  (Technical difficulties, right)?

When checking the detailed data usage, it shows at one snap shot of time just over 7.5 gigs were used.  I don't believe that's physically possible, let alone when I don't even have my phone in my hand.

Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?  If this is not remedied by Verizon you can bet I will be leaving and never looking back.

Re: Insane Data Spike 8/8/2020

This exact same thing happened to me yesterday (same day as poster). I never go over my data usage in a given month. Yesterday I passed my monthly amount with 19 days left. I was driving in my car with my phone in pocket not being used and got a text message at 7:17 stating I had 10% of my data left. Then received a message at 7:21 saying I had gone over my monthly amount. I used half a gig of data in 4 minutes with my phone in my pocket not being used? I have tried chatting, Twitter messaging, and calling and haven't received anything other than "you can upgrade to more data by paying X". My data usage hasn't updated since 8:58 yesterday either (though I did enable safe mode around then so that may be the reason, not sure). I would like to know what is going on here.

Re: Insane Data Spike 8/8/2020
Customer Service Rep

I am a consumer myself so I understand how data can go by quickly. Jarrett1515. I am sure we can get to the bottom of what is causing your usage to go over. Due to privacy reasons, we are unable to see what specific things are using your data but we can find out general information. I do know that data can be delayed. There is no way a person can use 9GB of data within minutes. Can you see what is using your data with the link provided?   -AmberF_VZW