Instructions to retrieve voicemail from another phone do not work
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I have a number on a verizon home phone device.  The device is physically broken.  I don't want it anymore, so I am not going to replace the device.  But I want to check the voicemail on it.

The instructions that verizon gives to check voicemail from another phone do not work.  

They say that you can use # to escape from the voicemail greeting when you call you own phone.  But you can't.  When I call my own number on my cell phone, it brings up with voicemail window on the device.  It doesn't launch the voicemail greeting.  

When I dial *86 from that device, it takes me into the voicemail for that device, not the mailbox for my other (broken) phone.  


There is option in the IVR menu for voicemail to escape from the current number and enter the ID and password for another number.



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Re: Instructions to retrieve voicemail from another phone do not work
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Sorry to hear about the issues with retrieving voicemail on that Verizon home phone, Stadiumite. I definitely want to make sure that we can figure this out together. First, is the home phone a cellular home phone device or are you referring to a landline? We'd recommend changing the voicemail password and here's how: Once this is done, try checking the voicemail again from another phone. #5 of the "Using Voicemail" guide informs of how to check voicemail from other phone: Also, you mentioned that the device is broken and that you don't want it anyone, were you looking to cancel service or did you need help with a replacement? -Ryan