Interesting Business

I was deploying in the military so I decided to upgrade my old glitchy phone. I bought a new phone on and picked it up curbside. I switched my SIM card over. After getting back home from deployment I called Verizon about updating my auto-billing info and was told that my rate plan was changed at the time of upgrade from unlimited data to a limited plan because it was “incompatible” with my new phone. Problem is, I was never notified or afforded the opportunity to choose a new plan. Rep told me “I should have known” because it was widely advertised that my grandfathered plan was subject to change on upgrade.  She transferred me to a member of the “management team” named Diana and I expressed my concern about the plan change that I was never made aware of. All I asked for was a refund of any overage charges as a result of the switch in plans I was unaware of.  Her response... “if you had notified us sooner we might have done something.”  An interesting comment considering my primary complaint was a change in my rate plan without my knowledge.  Yes, it took a while for me to notice, but I was deployed and had my bill on auto-pay. I notified them the moment I found out it had been unwittingly and involuntarily changed. No offer of any any middle-ground resolution for a 25 year customer of Verizon.  Strong work Verizon!