Intermittent and Poor Connection on Cell / Data / Text
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We have been in the same location in Canandaigua, NY for many years and have not had a problem.  For the last month or more we have had our cell signal dropping out to no connection or maybe 1 bar.  I called the "help" line to report the problem, stated that it was effecting 2 phones and phones work fine just down the road.  He mentioned that there was service work being done in Indiana and New Jersey and was I near either of those locations.  Obviously he was not based on this continent and was not familiar with how big the US is!  I went along with his instructions which ultimately wiped out my Bluetooth and WiFi connections but did nothing to help!   Is anyone else having issues in this part of the country? 

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Same problems here in Portsmouth, Virginia.  I've seen other threads that show this issue is EVERYWHERE, but no one is getting any answers from Verizon other than "we'll take this private," and then you get to troubleshoot everything on your phone, do a network reset, etc., and still have the same problems.  

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We're sorry to hear about the service issues you've been experiencing within the last month, BoominPooftin. Reliable service is a must, and we definitely want to help find a prompt resolution. To better assist, we'll be sending a Private Note.