International Calling

If I am traveling out of the US and someone from the US calls,or text  my cell phone will they be charged a fee to call or text my phone that has a US area code.  I have the international plan added to my phone while I am in another country but wanted to make sure my family in the US will not be charged if they call or text me?

I have not gotten a clear answer on this.  I have called the support number twice and have gotten two different answers.

Can someone clear this up for me 


Thank you

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, Confused62, thanks for reaching out regarding international calls. I'm sorry to hear you received conflicting information when inquiring about potential charges. You are charged international long distance when calling an international number. Since you have a US number, your friends and family in the US will not be charged extra when contacting you while you are traveling. Please let us know if this helps answer your question.