International Calling

I wanted to caution users regarding international calling rates.  There are two Verizon webpages with different published rates:



I had to make an urgent and rare one-time international call, therefore was not interested in an international call subscription or service.  I simply googled 'Verizon wireless international calling rates' prior to the call, and was directed to the first webpage. 

Based on the calculator on the first webpage, which states per-minute rates apply if you don't subscribe to a World Plan, I expected the call to be either .08 landline or .29 mobile/ minute for US-UK. (approx $5-$25 for just over an hour call).

However, I was charged $150.  When I contacted Verizon via Chat, I was directed to the rates on the second webpage.  $1.99/ minute.

Thankfully, Verizon has good customer service once I got past the chat and spoke to an actual representative, and came to a resolution.  They seemed to take my feedback regarding the websites and verbiage (apparently the first one is for FIOS only, but that's not clear on my opinion). In the meantime, I wanted to post on this forum so others can avoid my costly mistake!  

Re: International Calling
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The first link say fios digital voice, did it not say that when you checked before making the call?